Your Idea is Totally Lame and You Should Totally Make It

Your software idea has been thought of before. Luckily, it was by someone who didn’t have the skills or connections to make it possible. You will meet a thousand people who will tell you “I had that idea a long time ago” and you should believe them— there’s a saying that an idea is a […]

The smallest Javascript / Node MMORPG ever built

Scalable experience, minimal code. This project is planned to be livestreamed with live coding from start-to-finish and source code released under the MIT license soon, sign up to get notified! What is the essence of compaction? As a great artist once said, Perfection isn't attained where there is nothing more to add, but, where there […]

Obligatory First Post

Hello, We're the creators at OakFrame. First of all, thanks for coming to have a look at our website. Welcome to our forum of designers, developers, and researchers. Please have a look around our platform, we have many games, articles, videos, and discussions about our integrated open-source system also known as OakFrame. We are using […]