The smallest Javascript / Node MMORPG ever built

Scalable experience, minimal code.

This project is planned to be livestreamed with live coding from start-to-finish and source code released under the MIT license soon, sign up to get notified!

What is the essence of compaction?

As a great artist once said,

Perfection isn't attained where there is nothing more to add, but, where there is nothing left to remove.

— Someone more clever than us

Is there any need for a Micro MMORPG?

No, none that we can tell.

A Strategy for Streaming Real Time Communication

ack (pong)1All Clients will ack the server when requested. Failure to ack results in ending connection.
map2The Game World
state32 Way Representational Changes to the Game World

Tiny NodeJS MMORPG Server Infrastructure

We are going to be implementing our server to be as small as possible, in line with our mission to create a micro MMORPG. Because of this, we are going to build our server so that its functionality is basic, and generalized. In this case, we're going to model our server after a pub-sub broadcasting service.

publish (pub)subscribe (sub)
client sends state update to be broadcastserver receives state and republishes it to listening clients
server sends state updates to listening clientsclients recieve updates and update their game world

Micro Javascript MMORPG Client Infrastructure

There are 4 Main Units in this game

  • Home unit
    Only a single home unit is assigned to any player that joins. It is placement is weighted, mostly random however with consideration for other nearby homes. Home units allow a player to hold up to 100 coins, and support 20 buildings. Available supportable units are calculated based on Production. Provides 1 coin per cycle.
  • Production
    Production houses cost 5 coins. Farmhouses increases Unit Capacity, Banks increase coin Production, Smiths create random weapon upgrades to be used by Offense units.
  • Offense
    Production houses cost 2 coins. Offensive units will always destroy an opponent Production unit. 50% chance of survival against Defensive Unit.
  • Defense
    Production houses cost 1 coin, Immovable. Offensive units will always destroy an opponent Production unit. 50% chance of survival against Defensive Unit.
Guild HallFarmhouse, Bank, SmithKnight, Wizard, ArcherBarracks

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