Basic Programing with Javascript

Welcome to the OakFrame Interactive Basic Programming with Javascript course.

This course is provided through an interactive javascript notebook, powered by Scraps-JS, our open-source library. Each Scrap (or code cell), can be run independently.

Let's start by running our first Javascript Scrap.

// You can edit me dog = "dog"; fox = "fox"; return (dog === fox)?"Equals":"Not Equals";

Javascript is a language designed to augment your HTML. This is not the only application for Javascript, as resources like NodeJS have made Javascript available outside of the browser, but we will be covering that later.

counter = 0; counter++; return counter;
bottles_of_milk = 9; function next(){ if (bottles_of_milk < 0){return;} let trailing_s = ((bottles_of_milk !== 1)?"s":""); print(`${bottles_of_milk} bottle${trailing_s} of milk on the wall, ${bottles_of_milk} bottle${trailing_s} of milk... Take one down pass it around...`); window.setTimeout(function(){ next(); },100); bottles_of_milk--; } next();

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