Core Principals


It is our responsibility to our community and to the public to provide accurate information. This means being honest with our audience and ourselves. We strive to present information that is clear, accurate, and complete. It means taking the time to listen and respond to those who have questions, and being respectful of our audience and communities views and opinions.

We must do this without fear or favor and without any bias. We will always strive to provide you with the best and truthful information possible.

Education and Learning

At the same time, it is also important that the information we impart to the public is of sufficient quality to teach them and, in turn, to inform those who seek such knowledge. This is not only a matter of integrity, but of public health and safety as well. The educational and learning opportunities available to our community, and to those who are indirectly involved, must be as diverse and extensive as possible.

Education is the most important tool to insure that we achieve a world of thinkers, creators, and social activists. Knowledge, or better yet, learning, is the only way to ensure future generations are given the best tools available to create the best world.

Critical Thought

To truly understand and appreciate the complexities of our world and its future, we must examine the many facets of possibility. To do this, we must be deeply inquisitive and consider that what is generally accepted may not always be the truth. This does not mean rejecting the ideas of science, but rather, understanding what the data and evidence tells us about our current reality.

When we take an objective look at current events and their effects we must always acknowledge that we cannot know everything. It is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding that we contemplate what is thought to be known. When we examine historical and cultural issues, we must remember that the ones who've suffered most have often had their voices silenced, because of this, we must not give in to biases that exist in the retelling of events. We must look at both sides, all sides, and the varied perspectives upon them.


In an ever growing world of responsibility and production, creativity is the art expression. As we learn and appreciate the diversity of our world, we must embrace our individuality and sharing of ideas. Our creative nature is essential, for it is through the process of expression we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Creativity is a powerful force in our world, for as we explore it, it can change us and change our world.

Constant Growth

What has brought us here won’t take us to the next level. We have the resources to bring more to our world, so we have to make our best use of them. This means always working towards improving our health, thinking, and environment. In order for this to happen, we have to remain aware of our personal weaknesses, be present with others, and use that awareness to better our daily lives. Our world is big enough for all of us to make better decisions for a better tomorrow.

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