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Designing Systems of Study

Systematic Space and Representation If we can examine a system in which the structure and rules can be performed in fixed steps of calculation we can extrapolate that behavior over a much larger structure and perform larger computations of a state predictive nature. Inputs When examining a system, to be debugged or to performed in […]

Fluid Viewports vs Fixed Screens in Native Web Apps

When designing an experience we must consider the rendering capabilities of the devices and platforms we run on. OakFrame is not only run in our own environments but powering millions of capable experiences. By leveraging the full browser rendering system and offering full control over how that browser renders frames, we are able to take […]

Design Systems

A complete, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective infrastructure is a fundamental requirement in modern companies. Design Systems are a philosophy focused on creating reproducible results in a wide range of industries. By following design systems, your organization will more strongly align its service and products, and eliminate time spent re-building or designing infrastructure as much as […]