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  1. Features of Spectre ES
Spectre Connection to Elasticsearch Database

The team at OakFrame and TimeRocket have done it again, a collaboration of epic-proportions. We've put our heads together to build the ultimate in cross-platform Desktop GUIs for Elasticsearch. This was a new challenge for us, and we're excited to be able to show it off. Our goal with this release is to bring and exciting new GUI tool for Elasticsearch in a package that can run on Mac, Windows, and Debian Linux distributions.

Spectre ES is an Elasticsearch Database GUIs and an easy to use Kibana alternative. Spectre lets you view, modify and edit the data in your database. It supports indexing and can query on a range of fields. With Spectre you can manage your data in real-time with the full power of Elasticsearch.

Disclaimer: We created this product, and are promoting it here to sell it. We feel it is our obligation to let you know.

It costs $2.00 when purchasing through Gumroad, or, $1.99 when purchased through the Mac App Store.

Features of Spectre ES

  • Inline Document Editing / Deletion
  • Create new Indices on the Fly
  • Preservation of Data Types (strings, numbers, booleans)
  • Insert single documents or multiple as an Array
  • Plain text search any or all Fields

To purchase a license for platforms Mac, Linux[Debian], and/or Windows view our listing on Gumroad below

Thanks for checking Spectre ES out, and we're always looking for people to give us feedback with questions, comments, concerns, and feature requests. We know the struggle of a REST API using postman to delete and update documents, help us help you!

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    I love Spectre ES! I use it for all my elasticsearch development.

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