How Oak Studio and Infrastructure were built.

If you've spent some time on our website you may have noticed that we are big fans of JavaScript. We use JavaScript for many things and the interactive elements our website are no exception.

But that's not all, on the backend, our website is powered by WordPress and PHP, which also power a great majority of the web. We don't believe in completely re-inventing the wheel, just re-engineering it to whatever vehicle you're making next.

But wait you might say, what about the OakFrame APIs? Well, those are somewhat of a mixture of things. We still use PHP in a few cases for things directly relating to the website like commenting and other site specific features, however, once again for things that are related to our interactive elements, an Oak Studio NodeJS backend is employed for the task.

Oak Studio contains common functionality required for creating complex user interfaces, single page applications, web services, and microservices, including event handling, web animations, dynamic DOM loading, and network communications.

OakFrame API (coming soon)

  • Character Image Generator
  • Rebroadcasting Pub-Sub Service

Oak Studio

  • HTML5 & Javascript
  • gif Export
  • Open Source

KNOcore WordPress

  • User Account Management
  • Page Creation & Discussions
  • Hosted Licenses
  • Studio & Pro Licenses

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