HTML5 JavaScript DeviceOrientation with Example

device = { absolute:null, alpha:null, beta:null, gamma:null } data=[]; function handleOrientation(event) { device.absolute = event.absolute; device.alpha = event.alpha-180; device.beta = event.beta; device.gamma = event.gamma; }
DeviceOrientationEvent.requestPermission() .then( response => { // (optional) Do something after API prompt dismissed. if ( response == "granted" ) { Scrap.print("permission granted") } }) .catch( e => { Scrap.print("permission denied") } )
window.addEventListener("deviceorientation", handleOrientation, true);
surface = new Oak.Rendering.Surface(); = "100%"; Scrap.print(surface.getElement());
window.setInterval(()=>{ data.push(Object.assign({},device)); // Creates a clone of the object literal if (data.length > 300){ data.shift(); } surface.fill("#eee"); h = surface.getHeight()/2; len = surface.getWidth()/data.length; for (i=0; i<data.length-1;i++){ o=data[i]; p=data[i+1]; surface.getContext().beginPath(); surface.getContext().strokeStyle="blue"; surface.getContext().moveTo(len*i, h+o.alpha); surface.getContext().lineTo(len*(i+1), h+p.alpha); surface.getContext().stroke(); surface.getContext().beginPath(); surface.getContext().strokeStyle="red"; surface.getContext().moveTo(len*i, h+o.beta); surface.getContext().lineTo(len*(i+1), h+p.beta); surface.getContext().stroke(); surface.getContext().beginPath(); surface.getContext().strokeStyle="green"; surface.getContext().moveTo(len*i, h+o.gamma); surface.getContext().lineTo(len*(i+1), h+p.gamma); surface.getContext().stroke(); } },30);

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