Realtime Javascript Editing Notebook + Source

Scraps-JS, a state-driven interactive javascript notebook/workspace app.

Add this HTML code to footer section of your Web App.

<script src=''></script>

Now, wherever you want to include a Redact-JS embed instance, you can use this HTML code anywhere in the <body> section.

<div class='kno-core oakframe' data-core='terminal'>return Oak;</script>

Now you're rocking! That code will produce something like this:

return Oak; //pssst.. you can edit me!
project_name = `Redact-JS`; username = `John Doe`; link = `OakFrame`; print( h2( `Welcome ${username}, to your first ${project_name} Project` ) ); print( p( `As you can see, much of this website is controlled by code, written in this area below called a Leaf.
It's just javascript, and a few little features we've added as a state management system.` ) ); return {a:true, b:false};
print( p( `We are able to make variable definitions in one leaf, and pick it up later in any other leaf after.
Only variables not prefixed with let, var, or const are kept in State, so your print function calls and strings will be unaffected.` ) ); print( p( `Copyright ${link} © ${new Date().getYear()+1900} — ${project_name}` ) );

Source code available on GitHub.

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