Research Articles

Designing Systems of Study

Systematic Space and Representation If we can examine a system in which the structure and rules can be performed in fixed steps of calculation we can extrapolate that behavior over a much larger structure and perform larger computations of a state predictive nature. Inputs When examining a system, to be debugged or to performed in […]

Multimedia Marketing Strategy

1.  Pillars and Funnel To follow the flow of the potential customer, we must direct their attention and their focus until they have solved the question or problem they had, and in the case of pillars and funnels, with the intention of leading them to a purchase. 1.1 Acquisition Goal: Aquire interested parties for the […]

Concurrent and Adaptive Narrative

Narrative and Player Expression As a narrative and game designer, you must consider that you are designing for two processors. The technology, the hardware running the code and algorithms, and the psychology, what is happening in the player's mind. Players are exploring possibility spaces, a set of problems that are interesting and enjoyable. When presented […]

The Anthology of Ants

Any sufficient simulation must be reproducibly computable. Its entropy is a function of the ability to stabilize performance in a constructed environment. The following code will describe the function of state machine association in the observable performance of structural consciousness and computation. Given a set simulation, or state machine, we must agree that while outcomes […]

Product Development

What is Product Development? Systematic decision making related to all aspects of the development and management of a product. A process designed and executed based on scientific principles of management. The process consists mainly in choosing the right technologies and best methodologies to enable an efficient development process. It involves testing and refining; selecting the […]