Your Idea is Totally Lame and You Should Totally Make It

Your Software Idea has been Thought of Before

Luckily, it was by someone who didn’t have the skills or connections to make it possible. You will meet a thousand people who will tell you “I had that idea a long time ago” and you should believe them— there’s a saying that an idea is a drop in a bucket, that there’s a million ideas every second. That’s totally true, and the great part, is that ideas are like a racetrack, there are so many spectating how they’d love to race at breakneck speeds, and the few who can ever truly master those corners. 

Enough with the analogies. The point here is that by beginning your game development journey you are already lightyears ahead of anyone who’s furthest accomplishment is an idea. But here is where the actual headaches begin. 

So why does Success even matter?

Your success with software, app development or game development is based purely on your technique. I don’t mean technique in programming skills, I mean your technique at successfully accomplishing something. Now, let me be very clear, your “success at your software” is very different than the your “software being successful”. The latter is that great chasm that thousands of creatives strive to overcome. Luckily for them, it is the former, smaller chasm, that of being successful in the creation of their software that most will find themselves looking into the abyss.

Learning product development, design, development, and for that matter, learning most things are not like someone learning their first instrument. Sure, they too spent hours upon hours honing their craft, but most of them were young, they don’t quite remember the arduous meticulous repetition involved, and there certainly wasn’t as much risk involved with failure as quitting your full time job to pursue your passions. Learning to make something, and learning to make something to completion will be the two greatest skills you can ever master.

There is a saying that 90% of all startups fail. Whether or not that statistic is real, it perhaps sheds light on the true nature of what it means to build something. If your goal is to build the greatest fantasy football app of all time, there is a large percent chance that yes, you will fail. But, therein lies the secret. By failing to build that greatest fantasy football app, most and many will consider themselves failures and become complacent in their humdrum lives, always looking back at their own “failure” and warning others to keep their heads down as well, lest they also admit defeat. 

So here’s the Trick, Stop Setting Terrible Goals. 

Let’s consider a goal like such, “I will keep building games until I find that right one which really takes off.” 

Now, a goal like that is pretty semantically ambiguous, with good reason; because failing to produce a hit game doesn’t mean you’ve failed— it means you get to try the next idea. There is a low chance most will become a one-hit-wonder, but always a more substantial chance to become a systematic-success.

We see so much these days of those billionaire inventors who made a single product that blew up and became the most successful thing, we see and hear those stories everywhere. They love to talk about how we need to “accept challenges”, “take risks” and “work harder than everyone else” but they don’t talk about the nine people standing behind them, the 90% who didn’t make it, who are saying “The challenge was too great for us to overcome”, “We took a risk and lost our house” or “I’ve worked the best years of my life away and have not yet found success”.

It is a cold hard world out there. But those who do not take the first steps do not make it as far down the path as those who are moving towards their something. If there is that one thing that keep you up at night, that consumes your thoughts throughout the day, there will not be anyone here telling you to go and pursue it. There will be many lost moments on your quest, but if it has been done before it can be done again. 

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    I loved your article post. It is super important that people remember we only have so many hours in the day and it's important that we use them effectively!

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