What is the OakFrame Framework & Infrastructure?

What is the OakFrame Framework & Infrastructure? Quick Jump / Table of Contents

  1. The OakFrame Core Overview

If you're familiar with Javascript or not, the OakFrame Javascript Framework is a core fundamental aspect of our technology infrastructure.

This is the technology we have built and use to create interactive experiences across the web. The framework enables developers to implement responsive web experiences and mobile applications. A major feature of the core is our rich web APIs providing both API endpoints and middleware. The framework contains all common functionality required for creating complex user interfaces including event handling, web animations, dynamic DOM loading, and network communications.

The OakFrame Core Overview

If you would like to build apps using our technologies and services, we provide 3 options:

OakFrame API (coming soon)

  • Character Image Generator
  • Rebroadcasting Pub-Sub Service

OakFrame Javascript

  • HTML5 & Javascript
  • gif Export
  • Open Source

KNOcore WordPress + OakFrame

  • User Account Management
  • Page Creation & Discussions
  • Hosted Licenses
  • Studio & Pro Licenses

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    Play games in your browser for free, handcrafted by us here at OakFrame!

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    OakFrame Living Documentation

    Simple to Embed and Integrate We designed OakFrame to be easy to extend in order to provide further integration opportunities. If you prefer to run your own code in web development environments, you will be able to download the entire source from GitHub. You can build a full web application with OakFrame or a simple […]

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    Design Systems

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    About OakFrame

    OakFrame is a design, development, and research firm located in Dallas, Texas, developing experiences for audiences around the globe. We provide technology that helps you engage with the most amazing people online. With a proven track record of building interactive digital experiences across desktop and mobile to connect people, our mission is to provide people […]

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